by principle

Beandou is a multidisciplinary team based in Barcelona, specialized in the fields of engineering, audiovisual technology and communication. We have more than 15 years of experience developing innovative and impressive projects for clients all around the world.

How we work

our philosophy

We defend innovation as a philosophy to achieve success, which has led us to optimize our business approach in order to achieve maximum operability, flexibility and guarantee for our clients, while allowing us to provide memorable and exciting experiences for the final viewer.

our team

We have a flexible team based on a wide network of collaborators and suppliers that allows us to adapt like a glove to the specific needs of each project. This way, we can offer scalable budgets and custom solutions to each of our clients.

our commitment

We are committed to closeness and transparency as a way of generating trust. We put all our efforts into reinforcing this trust, assuring the optimal performance of our projects throughout their useful life.

how we work

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